• Why you should drive Electric
    3 Barrington Road champions a sustainable, environmentally conscious lifestyle. Electric Vehicles are a great way to do your bit for the environment and are becoming increasingly popular and more widely accessible. To some, however, they remain a bit of a mystery!
  • Why we love The Work Happy Project
    “When leaders and organisations prioritise employee happiness, the productivity levels of their people increase, their staff retention improves and their battle for talent eases as people clamber to work for them.”
  • Why the Office is Evergreen
    With the UK forced to adapt to a Work From Home lifestyle over the course of the pandemic, it has certainly had it’s 5 minutes of fame. Once the novelty of attending meetings in a shirt, tie, and pyjama bottoms has worn off, what then? While more flexible and agile […]
  • Why Altrincham is the place for your business
    The recent recognition of Altrincham as one of the most desirable places to live in the UK, from the likes of The Sunday Times and Right Move, has resulted in businesses following suit and making the move there. We are seeing a great range of offices now available in the town, from co-working […]
  • Why Move to 3 Barrington Road?
    We asked Property Agents James Dickinson (Canning O’Neill), Charlie Williams and Simon Gardner (Williams Sillitoe) everything you need to know about 3 Barrington Road. Watch the new video above to find out what makes 3 Barrington Road such a great place to work. From architectural design and building facilities, to […]